Audio Guide System

Tom Duncan using the Audio Guide System in Libya

Tom Duncan using the Audio Guide System in Libya.
The discreet ear pieces and receiver, used by participants, can be clearly seen.

An Audio Guide System is used on all tours and allows our lecturers to talk to participants in a normal voice level via a microphone. You are able to listen via a comfortable earpiece and a small receiver. As a result you do not have to stay close to a lecturer, straining to hear. Equally convenient, you can walk at will through a room or building listening from a good distance, or not, should personal preference dictate! It gives you greater physical independence while remaining part of the group. It is also fully compatible with ‘loop’ system hearing aids.

Comments form previous clients on the benefits of the system include:

‘The Audio system utterly made my holiday’
Mrs B, Hampshire

‘The Audio Guide system was a great success’
Mr W, London

‘I found the Audio Guide a great advantage on the tour’
Mrs L, Warwickshire

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