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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we go? | How are our visits structured? | What level of comfort is provided?
How many participants do we accept on each visit? | Is it possible to vary any of the visit details?
Do you surcharge?

The visits are designed to introduce you to cities and areas in which Tom Duncan has a specific interest as a result of his experience as student, university lecturer, and as an independent traveller. Naturally, his Irish roots are reflected in an emphasis on Ireland, while his academic background in music, art history and classical archaeology has led to a concentration on visits to the Mediterranean world and to cities with a strong musical connection, such as Wexford, Verona and Vienna. His interest in gardening has stimulated a number of tours with a strong horticultural emphasis. Visits to destinations with other lecturers also reflect their passion and knowledge.

The program for each visit is shaped, bearing in mind what we feel is the typical CICERONI traveller: someone who has a lively, intelligent curiosity about what we will see, and who seeks knowledge of the detailed history of the sites and collections concerned. Thus, the itineraries are carefully planned so that anyone who has a general interest in the history, culture and arts of a specific area, and who would enjoy an introduction delivered with knowledge, depth and humor, will find these visits a rewarding experience. For almost all our visits we include access to houses, gardens and collections that are usually not available to other tours, or, are made available under special “connoisseur” viewing conditions.

Emphasis is placed on both comfort and culture. Flights are always with scheduled airlines and the hotels chosen are usually comfortable 4* examples. In certain cases, we will use a 3* or a 5* hotel because it offers either good value, or exceptional levels of comfort. Where possible single rooms will be a double for sole use – for some visits this is guaranteed, for others, we will do our best to achieve this aim. Food and wine are an important part of any journey and every effort is made to make sure that we eat and drink well. Specific eating requirements can be accommodated with adequate notice. We do not discriminate on the basis of age and therefore all are welcome. However, we do expect you to have a reasonable level of fitness. If you are in any doubt as to whether you can manage to cope with a particular visit itinerary, we strongly advise you to ask our advice before sending in a Booking Form.

Participant numbers vary on each group visit. Usually visits run with a minimum of 14 and a maximum of between 18 and 24 participants, depending on the visit. Some visits may be run with a lower number.

It is usually possible to join the group independently of CICERONI Travel’s arrangements. For example, this could allow you to join the group independently in the country to be visited or, to fly from an airport other than that stated in the itinerary. It is also possible to upgrade your airline seat and the level of room booked and to extend your stay beyond the published dates of the visit, subject to availability. Please note that by varying elements of a visit to suit individual “bespoke” requirements you may attract a supplement to the published price of the visit. Finally, should you plan to travel “independently” to join one of our visits, please contact the CICERONI office before making any alternative arrangements.

The short answer is NO! We guarantee that once you have paid your deposit, the cost of your booking will not be subject to any fuel and currency surcharges. However, we reserve the right to increase the package price when a tour has been booked for a private group, and there is a reduction in original agreed group size, or the introduction of new taxes, or changes in rates, such as VAT or airport taxes.

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