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Our cultural tours and study days include many destinations and themes, organised and led by our friendly and knowledgeable team.
Our cultural holiday itineraries are original, stimulating and include remarkable levels of private access.
Our sense of hospitality is as important as the quality of our lecturers and tour managers.
Our clients come first in all we do.
You are welcomed as a guest, not a stranger, on our cultural holidays and study tours - be you alone, travelling with a partner or friends.

Exploring ulster

Quis separabit

Sunday 8 - Sunday 15 September 2024 (8 Days)
Quis Separabit - ‘who shall separate’ is a motto much connected with Irish history, drawing attention to the many links between Britain and Ireland over the centuries. Discover how these links have shaped Ulster, ancient and modern, as we explore its remarkable history, its wonderful scenery and above all its private and hidden treasures in city and country.

Dublin Ancient & Modern

A Fresh Look

Sunday 27 April - Saturday 3 May 2025 (7 Days)
Ireland has a complicated history: Celts, Christians, Vikings, Normans, Tudors and many others besides have all crossed the Irish Sea to find a new home. We shall look at ancient sites in addition to those related to the fraught struggles which form the emergence of modern Ireland.

Exploring Munster


Saturday 10 - Friday 16 May 2025 (7 Days)
The ancient Irish province of Munster was a thorn in the side of the Normans who invaded Ireland in the 12th century. Their Tudor successors, particularly Elizabeth I, spearheaded a new attempt at conquest which led to the “Plantation” of several new counties, particularly Cork and Waterford, as English norms in religion and land management merged with an already existing and vibrant Gaelic culture. However, this visit will concern itself not just with food for the eye, mind and soul but with food for the body as we shall stay at the renowned Ballymaloe House Hotel.
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