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unspoilt romania

a medieval world

Sunday 13 - Wednesday 23 May 2018 (11 Days)
There is much more to Romania than the dreaded Count Dracula. Our visit will introduce you to an amazing heritage of medieval and later buildings and works of art. Wooden churches, painted monasteries and fortified 'Saxon' settlements are all of outstanding quality, Seize the opportunity to see this untouched world as it adapts to modernity.
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Thomas Chippendale's Genius

And None Shall Compare

Friday 7 September 2018
Thomas Chippendale exercised astonishing influence on his contemporaries, partly through
The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director, the first text of its kind solely devoted to the furniture and furnishings of eighteenth century interiors in England, resulting in his illustrious international reputation today. Where better to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Chippendale’s birth in 1718 than Firle Place, Sussex, home to the ‘Panshanger Cabinets’ - two of the finest pieces ever produced by his workshop.

exploring persia & iran

ancient frontiers

Sunday 7 - Sunday 21 October 2018 (15 Days)
Many travellers think twice about visiting Iran, mostly because of poor press coverage. Anyone who has been there in the last few years will tell you that it is a fascinating and welcoming place, totally safe. The landscape is varied, the historic sites amazing and the hotels clean and comfortable. From the Achaemenid ruins at Persepolis to the great mosques of Shiraz and Isfahan, no visitor is left unmoved.
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