Travel Advice and CICERONI Travel Policy on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With extensive coverage in the UK media and elsewhere concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) please find below information on our policy as it stands; as we know many of you will have questions about how it will impact on any current or future bookings with us.

As members of AITO, The Specialist Travel Association, we are monitoring the situation and are being kept directly informed about UK Government policy and travel advice as a result of COVID-19 as soon as it is released. Any decision to travel is ultimately for our clients to decide. However, there is an overwhelming amount of information and speculation in the public domain, and we believe we need to try to keep events in perspective as much as we possibly can.

As this is a dynamic situation we do not intend to publish all the facts here - but rather to give you the direct links where you can read more about the situation to help inform yourselves from primary sources, rather than via mainstream media.

Practical advice and guidance can be found at the following links:

    • The UK Government guidance and latest information on COVID-19

    • Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice

    • World Health Organisation. They also publish daily reports here.

    • Further information on coronavirus, including advice on preparing for foreign travel and helping reduce the spread of the virus, is available on the Travel Health Pro website. In particular see the ‘Advice for Travellers’.

Our policy on cancelling a tour:

    • If you have an existing booking, and we are forced to cancel the tour following travel advice issued by the UK Government (or because of restrictions placed on us by the host Government); you would normally be entitled to a full refund under our terms and conditions, which are written to comply with the EU Package Travel Regulations. 

    • If you feel that you wish to cancel a tour which is still operating, then please call us so that we can discuss the situation. We will look to be as fair as possible in terms of the financial consequences of cancelling. The office is open Monday – Friday 0900 to 1700.

Transferring to a future tour:

    • We have revised our intended plans for 2021 to include the tours we had planned to operate in Spring 2020 before COVID-19.  If you have an existing booking for the tours we had planned to operate between March and June 2020 you will automatically be offered a priority place on the same tour due to depart in 2021.  We will be contacting you individually to discuss your options. Please note that there may be changes.  Further details can be found here.

In summary, we recognise that this is a worrying time. Rest assured we will continuously monitor the situation as it develops. If in any doubt, please do get in touch.

Berlin & Potsdam

Prussia & the Rise of Germany

Sunday 25 - Friday 30 October 2020 (6 Days)
The re-unification of Germany in 1990 restored Berlin to its status as capital city. Previously, a long succession of German kings and emperors created many fine palaces but nowhere else in Europe was so much energy expended on building museums and art galleries for the public. Now almost all are fully restored and redisplayed and it is this cornucopia of the arts which we shall explore in Berlin and nearby Potsdam.

A Weekend in Renaissance Bologna

Popes & Patricians:

Thursday 26 - Sunday 29 November 2020 (4 Days)
Bologna is renowned for its fine medieval architecture in warmly welcoming brick and its distinguished role in the history of painting. The city centre is a delight to stroll in, and its churches and picture gallery house many gems, surprisingly little known. Of course, no round of cultural exploration would function properly without adequate sustenance and Bologna is one of the great culinary cities of Italy.

Florence & the Early Medici

Patricians & Patronage

Wednesday 24 February - Monday 1 March 2021 (6 Days)
The Medici family are synonymous with Florence and with the birth of renaissance art - the list of the architects, sculptors and painters employed by the family is astounding. Focusing on the era of the early Medici, we shall explore the monuments, churches and museums of Florence, looking at some of the masterpieces created for successive generations of the family. This visit is specifically designed to bring some of the best-loved works of the Renaissance into sharp relief.
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