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milan & cremona

Art & Music in Lombardy

Saturday 18 - Friday 24 November 2017 (7 Days)
Lombardy, once known as the Duchy of Milan, has always been a centre of fine craftsmanship and artistic patronage - the joint focus of our visit. Be it the masterpieces made by Leonardo for the Sforza Dukes or the outstanding instruments made by Stradivarius, excellence has always been appreciated by the locals. This innate sense of 'style' will inform all we shall see and hear in museum, church and opera house.

Havana & Western Cuba

The Key to the New World

Monday 15 - Friday 26 January 2018 (12 Days)
Cuba - is there another country in the Caribbean which has proved to be so endlessly fascinating in recent times? Explore the colonial and contemporary history of this remarkable country as it seeks to enter the modern world, albeit to a different rhythm to everyone else, the shadow of revolution still in the background.

Malta across the Ages

A Mediterranean Pearl

Tuesday 10 - Monday 16 April 2018 (7 Days)
Discover Malta’s extraordinary history ranging over a remarkable six thousand year period and stay at The Phoenicia Hotel, perfectly placed at the entrance to the walled city of Valetta. Forever linked to the military Knights of Malta, Valetta is a museum city full of the most amazing treasures waiting to be discovered. Visits to Gozo and other important settlements will also be included in the course of a gently paced week.
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