A Guest not a Stranger

May 15, 2017

Andrea Palladio (1508 - 1580) is often considered the most influential architect of the Italian renaissance. One of his most innovative villas is undoubtedly the Villa Barbaro at Maser, not far from Bassano del Grappa. Commissioned in the early 1550s by two brothers, the Venetian patricians Daniele and Marcantonio Barbaro, it reflects not only the erudite interests of these two remarkalbe men, but above all the confidence they had in their chosen architect. The villa is one of the best preserved of all Palladio's works and is unique in that the original frescoed interior decorations provided by Paolo Veronese and his associates have remained intact. As anyone who has visited the villa will surely testify, there can be no more harmonious environment where the humanist ideals of this sophisticated milieu can be so clearly captured. Our chosen motto, HOSPES NON HOSPI, can be found inscribed on the villa's facade as we, like the Barbaro brothers, welcome you as A GUEST  NOT A STRANGER

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