Dresden, An Art Lover's Delight

June 22, 2017

CICERONI Travel's founder, Tom Duncan, was recently asked to write an article on Dresden for the Summer 2017 edition of Timeless Travels. Tom has led tours to Dresden in the past and will return there in the coming months, leading two new tours  - Bellotto's Eye: Dresden at Chistmas and again in the New Year Life & Love Transformed: Wagner's Ring Cycle in Dresden.

The article explores Dresden's history in an extended piece on the art-mad Electors of Saxony, some of whom were simultaneouly Kings of Poland. One such was Augustus the Strong, the patron behind the develpment of hard paste porcelain manufacturing at Meissen; another was his son, who invited Bernard Bellotto (nephew of the more famous Venetain painter of views, Canaletto) to live in Dresden and capture its transformation into one of the most elegant capital cities in Europe. All of them were lavish patrons and accumulated not only wonderful paintings but also the jewelled treasures of the world-famous 'Green Vault'. Dresden is also renowned as a centre of musical excellence, past and present. Both Carl Maria von Weber and Richard Wagner wrote masterpieces for the city's Semper Opera, which remains one of the world's leading opera houses. 

To read the full article you can download a copy here.

Timeless Travels is a relatively new magazine, started in 2014 by Fiona Richards, with the aim of being a unique travel magazine for those who are inspired to travel through their love of, or interest in archaeology and the history or art.  If you are interested in subcribing you can find out more and subcribe via their website.

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