Titian’s Poesie: Love – Desire - Death

April 02, 2020

Just before the government introduced the recent total ‘shut down’ I was able to make a very quick visit to London to see the exhibition at the National Gallery, Titian – Love, Desire, Death. It opened on Monday, 16 March and I was lucky enough to see it the following day as it closed temporarily on the Wednesday of that week. The official exhibition closing date is 15 June, so if the National Gallery reopens before then, please try to see it as it was a most moving display.

As you may know, we have a Study Day in connection with the exhibition scheduled for 13 May and we very much hope that this may still be possible? Meanwhile, by way of anticipation I have written a review of the exhibition.

You can download the review here.  For those with an iPad we recommend you import into the ‘books’ app.

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