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Lecture Series - Travels with a Renaissance Pope: The Life & Times of Pius II Piccolomini

October 28, 2020

Tom announced that his next webinar will be Travels with a Renaissance Pope: The Life & Times of Pius II Piccolomini, to take place on Wednesday, 28 October, 11.00 am.

Lecture Series - Art, Power & Revenge: Introducing Artemisia Gentileschi

October 20, 2020

To coincide with the exhibition we presented a pair of linked webinars on Tuesday and Wednesday, 20 & 21 October. First, James Hill introduced ‘Painting in Rome in the Early Baroque’, setting the scene for Artemisia’s career; and then Tom looked at her career focusing on the NG’s exhibition.

Lecture Series - Capturing Society: Johann Zoffany’s ‘Conversation’ Pieces In England, Italy & India

October 07, 2020

Tom gave two one-hour illustrated lectures looking into how Zoffany prospered. Within a very few years of arrival he was an intimate of the famous actor David Garrick, many of whose celebrated roles he captured in lively depictions of the great man on stage.

Lecture - Ambition & Innovation: Forming Rembrandt

September 23, 2020

Tom's webinar looks at Rembrandt’s early career as this young and unpromising artist from Leiden became the most interesting artist in seventeenth century Amsterdam.

Lecture Series - A Grand Mediterranean Tour: The Ancient Civilisations Then & Now

September 08, 2020

Gillian Hovell, our ‘Muddy Archaeologist’ presented a pair of linked webinar lectures on A Grand Mediterranean Tour: The Ancient Civilisations Then & Now, on 8 and 9 September.

Lecture Series - Transforming Rome: Three Papal Dynasties

August 26, 2020

Tom's lecture series looks at Rome and how over the course of a hundred years Rome was transformed from a city of neglected buildings and medieval pilgrimage into a vision of grandeur meant to equal that of ancient Rome.