Lecture Series - A Grand Mediterranean Tour: The Ancient Civilisations Then & Now

August 19, 2020

If you are unable to attend the live sessions, do not worry - all those who register will automatically be sent copies of the lectures to view in your own time (from around four hours after they take place).  Further details on how to register can be found at the end of this newsletter.

For nearly 200 years, members of the elite travelled to the great sites of Europe on ‘The Grand Tour’. Gillian Hovell will take you on your own Grand Tour to see the famous sites of ancient civilisations in their context and learn how to identify and appreciate the art of all these distinctive cultures. Discover and marvel at the sites and art that they revelled in; and also discover about the civilisations we have discovered since those Grand Tour days; Cycladic, Egyptian, Mycenaean, Minoan, Phoenician, Etruscan, Greek, Hellenistic, Roman … They’re all here, full of art, rich in stories and wonderful to behold.

The first lecture provides the big picture of the early Mediterranean cultures; the who, where and when of art, from megalithic prehistory to the marvels of Egypt, the warlike Mycenaeans, the artful Minoans and the traders extraordinaire, the Phoenicians. Just what did the travellers on the Grand Tour know of these cultures? And what do we know now? Our second lecture continues by taking us on a journey into the innovative Archaic Age of Greece, the mysterious Etruscans, the spread of Greek colonies, the glory days of Greece, the legacy of Alexander the Great, and the astonishing Roman Empire, a heritage vividly recalled in Pannini’s memorable image above.


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