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James Hill

James Hill is our long-standing Italian, US and Caribbean tours director. British born, he has been resident in Italy for over 25 years where he studied politics. An authority on travel and culture in Italy, he now lives near Lake Como and has a background in travel writing and television production where he worked on around sixty cultural programmes and documentaries on Italy.

Image above: Turin, La Venaria

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Italy’s secret

Tuesday 8 - Monday 14 September 2020 (7 Days)
Cradled between the Julian Alps, Austria and the pastures of Slovenia, this lovely part of Italy is a veritable 'horn of plenty' rich in artistic treasures, complemented by marvellous food and wine. Based in handsome Udine, we shall discover the Roman site of Aquileia, the Lombard settlement of Cividale and the Habsburg port city of Trieste.

Villas & Gardens on Como & Lugano

Lakeside Idyll

Friday 25 September - Thursday 1 October 2020 (7 Days)
Combine Alpine peaks with cool lake water, garlanded with stunning noble lakeside villas and exquisite gardens and what comes to mind – the Italian lakes? Our tour of Lakes Como and Lugano includes not only some of the best known villas and gardens but most are completely new to our itineraries and three of these are quite exceptional private visits.

Rhode Island’s Gilded mansions

Dazzling Impressions

Tuesday 6 - Tuesday 13 October 2020 (8 Days)
Piety and property were the driving forces behind the history of Newport, Rhode Island. Enjoy the astonishing Gilded Age mansions built by the Puritans who settled there, as well as visits to Colonial houses & art collections in nearby Connecticut at Yale University.

Byzantium - Constantinople - istanbul

The scroll of heaven

Thursday 22 - Wednesday 28 October 2020 (7 Days)
"I have sailed the seas and come to the holy city of Byzantium." Yeats’s words are a poignant introduction to a remarkable city. Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul is a magical place, where ancient cultures overlay each other, reinvented from generation to generation and culture to culture. This will be a fascinating disentangling of its history as we explore the remains of each of the cultures that left its mark on the city.

Donizetti in Bergamo

A festive weekend

Wednesday 18 - Sunday 22 November 2020 (5 Days)
Bergamo is a most handsome small city. Each November it hosts an annual celebration of Gaetano Donizetti, one of Italy’s most engaging (and prolific) composers, and a Bergamo native. Our new tour will combine a weekend of music with the other delights of this lovely city, full of stunning churches, private palaces and one of Italy’s best smaller picture galleries.

connoisseurs' rome

behind closed doors

Tuesday 2 - Sunday 7 March 2021 (6 Days)
This is a remarkable opportunity to explore a Rome normally concealed behind closed doors. From our hotel located directly next to the Pantheon. you will be taken to visit the city's most important palaces and art collections. There will be an evening private visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, and many lesser-known jewels in the city. There is no other visit to Rome of this quality.

Private Gardens of Eastern Sicily

earth, fire, air & water

Friday 16 - Wednesday 21 April 2021 (6 Days)
Fiery Etna has enriched its fertile slopes to create a unique botanical mix of exotic plants, amazing flowers and varied crops along the Ionian Sea-facing coast of Eastern Sicily. Based in lovely Taormina, we shall visit privately the most notable town and country gardens of the region, complemented with many owner-hosted lunches - Sicilian bliss!
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