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James Hill

James Hill is our long-standing Italian, US and Caribbean tours director. British born, he has been resident in Italy for over 25 years where he studied politics. An authority on travel and culture in Italy, he now lives near Lake Como and has a background in travel writing and television production where he worked on around sixty cultural programmes and documentaries on Italy.

Image above: Turin, La Venaria

Sicily Ancient & Modern

Complex Crossroads

Wednesday 10 - Friday 19 April 2024 (10 Days)
Sicily has been a strategic prize fought over for millennia by competing cultures, all attracted by its location and natural resources. Their marks have been left via amazing Greek temples, Roman villas, Norman churches and mosaics and baroque palaces - all complemented by the excellent cuisine and wines.

Gardens & Villas of the italian lakes

Horticultural heaven

Saturday 27 April - Friday 3 May 2024 (7 Days)
Garlanded with princely villas, pretty villages and stunning alpine scenery, Lakes Como, Maggiore and Orta have long drawn artists, poets and gardeners to their shores. We too shall bask in the Arcadian dreamscape of these Lakes with visits to many privately-owned gardens and villas throughout our gently-paced spring week, with on occasion, generous hospitality from their owners.

discovering slovenia

a hidden europe

Wednesday 15 - Tuesday 21 May 2024 (7 Days)
Slovenia has truly come of age! It is a small nation of unspoilt beauty, superb food and wine with one of the most handsome capitals in central Europe - Ljubljana. Over the course of a week we shall explore many of the country’s most atmospheric places from the ‘mini-Venice’ at coastal Piran and handsome Lake Bled to the elegant buildings of Ljubljana.

Giotto, Veronese & Palladio

An Invitation to the Veneto

Thursday 30 May - Wednesday 5 June 2024 (7 Days)
The Veneto was the rich agricultural hinterland of the newly land-focused Venetian Republic. Ambitious noble families used patronage of the arts to create a glittering patchwork of palaces, villas and collections: Palladio and Veronese were just two of the great names much employed who will be the focus of our visit.

Turin & the House of Savoy

Elegance Personified

Tuesday 11 - Sunday 16 June 2024 (6 Days)
The House of Savoy was one of the most celebrated and well-connected dynasties in Europe. Turin, its capital, was upgraded in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to reflect its new status as a kingdom and power broker in the diplomatic affairs of Europe. Masterpieces of fine art and architecture in both the urban palaces and country hunting villas of the Savoy family we will visit will be complemented by superb food and wine during our stay.

verona & the valpolicella

OPERAS, villas, gardens & wine

Tuesday 2 - Sunday 7 July 2024 (6 Days)
A warm July evening in Verona’s Roman great amphitheatre, enveloped by opera, is always memorable. Equally, our visit will embrace the summer delights of the country villas and gardens of the Valpolicella wine region and nearby Lake Garda, all tantalisingly close to the civic magnificence of one of northern Italy’s most delightful cities, Verona.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Italy’s secret

Tuesday 10 - Monday 16 September 2024 (7 Days)
Cradled between the Julian Alps, Austria and the pastures of Slovenia, this lovely part of Italy is a veritable 'horn of plenty' rich in artistic treasures, complemented by marvellous food and wine. Based in handsome Udine, we shall discover the Roman site of Aquileia, the Lombard settlement of Cividale and the Habsburg port city of Trieste.
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