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John Osborne

John Osborne graduated in Classics at Cambridge University and taught classical subjects for over thirty years at Marlborough College, where he was Senior Master. He worked for several years for the British Council in Iran and Turkey, which gave him a now long-standing interest in Islamic culture. He is an Arts Society (formerly NADFAS) accredited lecturer and has lectured regularly for NADFAS and other organizations at home and abroad since 2005. He has lectured on Ancient Rome and on Islam at the University of Bath, runs an annual course on Mediaeval Parish Churches at Marlborough College Summer School and guides at Salisbury Cathedral. He leads and lectures on specialist tours abroad to various countries in SE Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. These include tours to Romania, Croatia, Turkey and Georgia, as well as to Greece, Italy, Croatia and Tunisia, and classical cruises around the lands of the Mediterranean. He has a special enthusiasm for Bulgaria, where he has been running his own cultural and historical tours for over a decade, and he and his wife, Karen, have led several highly successful tours to Iran in each of the last few years. He is now writing a History of Bulgaria.

Image above: Bulgaria, Kazanluk, The Thracian Tomb
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