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Our company name, CICERONI, is the Italian word for a group of eighteenth century ‘Grand Tour’ guides. We create and conduct our tours in the relaxed and informative manner of the Grand Tour with a particular accent on private visits. We use comfortable hotels in enviable country and city locations while good food and wine are an important part of our sense of hospitality. Our study days focus on individual themes, collections and exhibitions, offering an independent overview of each subject, many of which complement our tour programme.

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Exploring ulster

Quis separabit

Sunday 1 - Sunday 8 September 2019 (8 Days)
Quis Separabit - ‘who shall separate’ is a motto much connected with Irish history, drawing attention to the many links between Britain and Ireland over the centuries. Discover how these links have shaped Ulster, ancient and modern, as we explore its remarkable history, its wonderful scenery and above all its private and hidden treasures in city and country.

Bulgaria & its Treasures

On the Frontier

Monday 2 - Monday 9 September 2019 (8 Days)
Bulgaria is gifted with spectacular scenery, the setting for over two millennia of history reflected in its remarkable monuments from the ancient, medieval and more recent periods. As yet not much visited, seize the opportunity to discover this hidden part of Europe, untroubled by crowds in the company of an expert, John Osborne.

Riga & its Surroundings

Latvia Unbound

Monday 9 - Saturday 14 September 2019 (6 Days)
It is a remarkable testament to the spirit and tenacity of the Latvians that their country exists – Vikings, Teutonic knights, Swedes, Poles and Russians have all occupied it at some stage. Since independence from Russia it has been transformed, and its capital, Riga is the most handsome of the three Baltic States capitals – an elegant base to explore this handsome city and the unspoilt countryside.

Villas & Gardens on Como & Lugano

Lakeside Idyll

Thursday 12 - Wednesday 18 September 2019 (7 Days)
Combine Alpine peaks with cool lake water, garlanded with stunning noble lakeside villas and exquisite gardens and what comes to mind – the Italian lakes? Our new tour of Lakes Como and Lugano includes not only some of the best known villas and gardens but most are completely new to our itineraries and three of these are quite exceptional private visits.



Tuesday 24 - Saturday 28 September 2019 (5 Days)
The landscapes and gardens along the Seine valley, meandering through Paris and on into Normandy, inspired the Impressionists. This exciting tour will allow us to see not only their sources of inspiration but how their art continues to work its magic today in these exciting gardens.

Aquileia, Ravenna & Torcello

Eternal Splendours

Tuesday 1 - Saturday 5 October 2019 (5 Days)
Italy underwent enormous changes as the Roman Empire collapsed: the capital moved from Milan to Ravenna, the ruler (and his religion) changed from a Roman to an Ostrogoth, the Byzantines invaded. The visual arts mirrored these rapid changes, leading in time to the emergence of the accepted visual shorthand of medieval religious art, brought vividly to life via the splendours of Ravenna, Torcello, Aquileia, Grado and Pomposa.