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Our company name, CICERONI, is the Italian word for a group of eighteenth century ‘Grand Tour’ guides. We create and conduct our tours in the relaxed and informative manner of the Grand Tour with a particular accent on private visits. We use comfortable hotels in enviable country and city locations while good food and wine are an important part of our sense of hospitality. Our study days focus on individual themes, collections and exhibitions, offering an independent overview of each subject, many of which complement our tour programme.

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exploring persia & iran

ancient frontiers

Sunday 7 - Sunday 21 October 2018 (15 Days)
Many travellers think twice about visiting Iran, mostly because of poor press coverage. Anyone who has been there in the last few years will tell you that it is a fascinating and welcoming place, totally safe. The landscape is varied, the historic sites amazing and the hotels clean and comfortable. From the Achaemenid ruins at Persepolis to the great mosques of Shiraz and Isfahan, no visitor is left unmoved.

andalucia Revealed

Romans, Christians & Moors

Wednesday 17 - Wednesday 24 October 2018 (8 Days)
Sun-drenched mountain ranges, white-washed towns and villages – the setting through which Carthaginians, Romans, Christian Visigoths, Moors and Christian re-conquerors all paraded, creating one of the great repositories of visual culture, Andalucía. Based successively in Cordoba, Seville and Granada discover this remarkable part of Spain.

Autumn in Vienna

The court & the secession

Sunday 28 October - Saturday 3 November 2018 (7 Days)
Capital of the Habsburg Holy Roman and the Austro-Hungarian Empires, Vienna hosted one of the greatest transformations in history. As with few other cities, history may be read (to adapt Ruskin) above all in its art, architecture and music. Discover this world, one foot in the past, the other in the future, as it witnesses the birth of modernism in art and music.
Study Day

Brothers-in-law & in art

Mantegna & bellini

Monday 29 October 2018
Giovanni Bellini and Andrea Mantegna were not only remarkable contemporary painters, they were also ‘brothers-in-law’, as Mantegna was married to Bellini’s sister. Paula Nuttall, one of our leading experts on the Italian renaissance, will explore this relationship, as covered in the National Gallery's exhibition.

moscow & the birth of russia

kremlins & cathedrals

Thursday 8 - Monday 12 November 2018 (5 Days)
What can one say about a capital city both feared and envied? Moscow is both, a beacon for those who see Russia’s strength in its illustrious medieval past, but also a symbol of its unwillingness to accept the modern world at face value. This is the perfect opportunity to explore this ambiguity while exploring its Kremlin, its cathedrals and its mighty museums and musical life.

Connoisseurs' St Petersburg

Collecting the Best

Monday 12 - Sunday 18 November 2018 (7 Days)
Imagine St Petersburg without crowds, the Hermitage empty of groups interested only in ‘selfies’? Our visit will allow you to experience a radically different city from that of most visitors as we explore its great museums and palaces, with frequent access both ‘behind the scenes’ and on occasion, when closed to the public.