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Our company name, CICERONI, is the Italian word for a group of eighteenth century ‘Grand Tour’ guides. We create and conduct our tours in the relaxed and informative manner of the Grand Tour with a particular accent on private visits. We use comfortable hotels in enviable country and city locations while good food and wine are an important part of our sense of hospitality. Our study days focus on individual themes, collections and exhibitions, offering an independent overview of each subject, many of which complement our tour programme.

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Puglia Across the Ages

Norman Might, Baroque Splendour

Sunday 11 - Sunday 18 September 2022 (8 Days)
Puglia juts out into the Adriatic Sea in southern Italy. Fertile, unspoilt and largely undiscovered, this long region's strategic location is reflected in Puglia's wonderful architecture from the imposing churches and castles built by the Normans to the exuberant enthusiasm of the Puglian Baroque. Our early autumn visit celebrates this and more with superb regional food and wine, stays on the coast and in stunning Lecce and a day in unmissable Matera close by in Basilicata.

Discovering Charleston & Savannah

Planters & Pioneers

Wednesday 28 September - Thursday 6 October 2022 (9 Days)
Take the opportunity to enjoy both Charleston & Savannah in their late summer glory including visits to private historic houses, former plantation estates & art galleries in both cities.

Lisbon & sintra

Explorers’ rewards

Thursday 29 September - Monday 3 October 2022 (5 Days)
There are strong links between the British and Portuguese people, established via many centuries of trade, shared maritime history and royal dynastic links. We shall appreciate the remarkably beautiful city of Lisbon on the River Tagus and the country palaces of Sintra.

Giotto, Veronese & Palladio

An Invitation to the Veneto

Thursday 13 - Wednesday 19 October 2022 (7 Days)
The Veneto was the rich agricultural hinterland of the newly land-focused Venetian Republic. Ambitious noble families used patronage of the arts to create a glittering patchwork of palaces, villas and collections: Palladio and Veronese were just two of the great names much employed who will be the focus of our visit.

connoisseurs' rome

behind closed doors

Tuesday 1 - Sunday 6 November 2022 (6 Days)
This is a remarkable opportunity to explore a Rome normally concealed behind closed doors. From our hotel located directly next to the Pantheon. you will be taken to visit the city's most important palaces and art collections. There will be an evening private visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, and many lesser-known jewels in the city. There is no other visit to Rome of this quality.

Donizetti in Bergamo

A festive weekend

Thursday 17 - Monday 21 November 2022 (5 Days)
Bergamo is a most handsome small city. Each November it hosts an annual celebration of Gaetano Donizetti, one of Italy’s most engaging (and prolific) composers, and a Bergamo native. Our new tour will combine a weekend of music with the other delights of this lovely city, full of stunning churches, private palaces and one of Italy’s best smaller picture galleries.