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Lecture Series - Tutankhamun: Egypt Rising from the Sands

September 28, 2022

Gillian Hovell, our ‘Muddy Archaeologist’ presents a trio of linked webinar lectures on Tutankhamun: Egypt Rising from the Sands on Thursday 3 and Fridays 4 & 11 November 2022

Lecture Series - Gold

May 12, 2022

Sally Dormer is to give a webinar entitled GOLD on Wednesday 22 June 2022. This webinar complements the British Library’s exhibition, (Friday 20 May – Sunday 2 October 2022).

Lecture Series - Building Venice: Stato da Mar, Stato da Terra

April 19, 2022

James Hill returns to give two lectures in a series called 'Building Venice: Stato da Mar, Stato da Terra' on Thursday 12 & Friday 13 May 2022

Lecture Series - The Grandeur that was Rome

March 28, 2022

Dr Christopher Smith, recently retired as Director of The British School at Rome, will give two illustrated lectures on Tue 12 April & Lecture 2 on Wed 20 April focussing on important aspects of the Italian background to Roman success. It will trace a history of over 800 years during which some remarkable monuments and works of art were created, many of which remain to intrigue and dazzle us.

Lecture Series - Titian, Rubens & Velazquez Art & Power in Habsburg Spain & the Spanish Netherlands

February 28, 2022

This webinar series, in three parts, is named 'Titian, Rubens & Velazquez: Art & Power in Habsburg Spain & the Spanish Netherlands'. Tom Duncan will give lectures on Wednesday 9, Thursday 10 & Wednesday 16 March 2022.

Lecture Series - The World of Stonehenge

February 13, 2022

Gillian Hovell shares with us two lectures in the series 'The World of Stonehenge' on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March